What is Aikido?

Aikido is a precise disciplinary training for the development of mind and body unity and is practised to develop a powerful
mental attitude focussed through the body’s centre. It’s unique “Aiki” self-defence exercises promote agility, inner strength
and enhanced mental physical coordination. Emphasis is placed on a non - confrontational approach to self-defence,
rather than meeting force with force; with attacks being neutralised by throws, locks, immobilisations or
avoidance strategies.
Non – aggressive and natural movements are key features of the art.

Advantages of Aikido

Aiki mind and body centering is an effective calming technique useful in coping with the ups and downs of our daily life.
The strong unifying nature of Aiki also paves the way to realise our greater natural potential. Aiki self-defence training is
therefore a discipline of the highest order. It is thought provoking, confidence building, spontaneous and in affinity with nature.

Health Benefits

The health benefits of Aikido can be experienced on many levels. These range from an initial increase in energy levels
and muscle tone, through to improved breathing and regulation of the central nervous system, and ultimately an enhanced spiritual well-being. Aikido can be practised by adults of all ages and average fitness, although people with back problems
should consult their doctor before commencing training.

What to wear

Traditionally. Aikido students wear a gi (judo suit) however beginners may wear a track suit or similar clothing for
the first few lessons. After training and attaining black belt level senior students are permitted to wear a hakama.